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Ferreira do Valadouro (Lugo) · SPAIN
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Our Technical Department has developed a new model of Forestry Crane Cab.

We carry out new product development continuously. Information of the highlights will be available shortly.


  • New Developments


* Lift and swivel system cab detail.

In our quest for continuous improvement and innovation, we have developed a new model of Forestry Crane Cab.

We have created a new concept cab that combines the advantages of a cabin in lateral position on the crane column without the drawbacks for mounting on trailer.

The innovative design of this cab allows to rotate toward the rear of the column and down to the transport position and thus not create problems for mounting on trailer.

This cab incorporates a new control system using the crane hydraulically assisted Joysticks and foot pedals, all from a command post highly visible, equipped with pneumatic seat, heating and optional air conditioning.

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